About Us

Michael and Monica Almaguer are the dynamic duo behind the innovative Cup Cozy Pillow. With a passion for both practicality and comfort, Monica and Michael embarked on a mission to revolutionize the way people enjoy their favorite beverages.

The accidental invention came about when Monica couldn’t find a way to keep her drink close to here without spilling it. So, she got a pillow, cut a hole in it, and the Cup Cozy Pillow was born. Soon her husband Michael started taking it to use in his mancave. Then their kids started fighting over who got to use it. That’s when they knew they had a hit!

From this humble beginning, their Las Vegas-based, family-owned business has flourished. Launched on ABC's Steve Harvey's Funderdome in 2017, the Cup Cozy Pillow has garnered widespread acclaim, fueled by glowing reviews from satisfied customers. With an expanding range of colors and product lines, the Cup Cozy Pillow continues to redefine comfort and practicality, ensuring its enduring presence in homes everywhere.


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