Commonly Asked Questions


How do I qualify for free shipping?

Purchase $50 or more and you will automatically qualify for free shipping. Typically, that just means buying more than one pillow. Easy to do when it makes such a great gift!

How long does shipping take?

We order processing is 1-2 business days. Our typically utilize USPS Ground Advantage for the standard free shipping. That service usually takes 3-5 business days depending on how far away the delivery address is from you are from Las Vegas. If you need it faster-just upgrade to priority shipping for a small upcharge fee.

Do you ship internationally?

Currently we don’t, but will hopefully be doing so soon. Canada and Mexico customers can find that option on

Where are you located?

We are a USA family business located in Las Vegas All orders are shipped from our warehouse here in Las Vegas.

Do you collect sales tax?

We collect sales tax from buyer’s who provide a Nevada based shipping destination.


How do I care for my Cup Cozy Pillow?

Remove the coasters at the bottom of each cupholder. Remove the cover from the foam pillow. Then wash on cold. Lay flat to dry. Once dry replace the cover. Replace the coasters at the bottom of each cup hole. Coasters can be washed off gently with water and laid flat to dry.

*Note-Do NOT wash the entire pillow including the foam. Only the cover.

Do you sell just the covers?

Yes. Just click on the “Replacement Covers” and it will navigate you to the ones that are available.

I’ve lost some of the coasters that are on the bottom of the cup holes. How do I get those replaced?

Navigate to the “Replacement Covers” collection and you will see the replacement coasters packs available for purchase.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes! All our pillows are covered for 1 year. Just email us with any problems and we will get it taken care of.

The latest Cup Cozy Pillow I order has a different material than the new one. What happened?

We are constantly listening to feedback from our customers to make improvement to our products. The overwhelming feedback was that the customers would rather not have the “S” wave on the material. As we migrate to the new material you may see some photos that still have the old S Wave on it, while others don’t. As the old material is sold through there is a window of time it takes to update the photos to reflect that change.

What cover colors are available?

We always to release a new and fun color option at least once a year. However, the basic best-selling classic colors like Gray or Black will always be available.


What is your privacy policy?

Please see our privacy policy here: PRIVACY POLICY

Legal Disclaimer:

While the Cup Cozy Pillow is designed to serve as a cup holder and help prevent spills, Cup Cozy Pillow, LLC makes NO claims that your drink WILL NOT spill when it is used. It is incumbent upon the user to exercise caution and care when using the Cup Cozy Pillow, particularly when used to hold a hot beverage as to prevent any possible injury. Cup Cozy Pillow, LLC will NOT be held responsible for any stains, injuries, and/or other damages to yourself, others or any personal articles from any spills that may happen during the use of any products made by Cup Cozy Pillow, LLC. Any spills resulting in damages/injuries from the use of a Cup Cozy Pillow are the user’s sole responsibility. By purchasing and/or using the Cup Cozy Pillow you agree to these terms.

What is your return policy?

How to Request a Return:


Email us a return request to with the subject line “Return Request” within the return window. Please make sure to provide your order number so we can quickly find your order.


Condition of Returned Item:


Returned pillows must be in resalable condition. Opened packing is okay. Products returned with odors, damage, pet fur or any other condition that deems the product as “used”, will NOT be refunded. The item will not be returned to the customer and it will be properly disposed of.


Items Returned in Unresalable Condition:


If a return shipping label is requested, we will provide you with one. However, the return shipping costs will be deducted from the refunded amount.

Shipping Costs:

Any shipping fees paid at the time of the order will not be refunded.

Return Shipping Labels:

Return shipping labels are provided as a courtesy so that the buyer will receive discounted return shipping costs. However, the actual cost of that label will be deducted from the total refunded amount.